4 Things To Know When Choosing the Best Art For Your Home

Choosing art does not come naturally to many homeowners. Still, most people recognize that art is an important aspect of their home design, even if they lack skill choosing.

Poorly chosen art can make a home seem cluttered and even ugly. Quality pieces of art tie a room together and bring the most out of a space. Realtors like Mike Lies with Gold Compass Real Estate find that the right art ties a space together and adds interest to a room, helping to create homes that attract more buyers. Art in the home can provide a splash of personality that defines a living space and makes it memorable.

So, what do you do if you understand the importance of art in a home but have little idea of how to use it?

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Vary the Art Around You

This is the #1 art tip that all homeowners should remember. Art is not just about paintings. Many people believe buying art means getting several good-looking paintings and hanging them. What really brings a home together is variation.

By all means, embrace paintings, but also be willing to explore sculptures, ceramics, mosaics, and photography. By embracing variation, you will give your home unique talking points, rather than walls of paintings.

Like It, Buy It

If you like the art you see, then select it. Art speaks to everyone, but not everybody has the same taste. First and foremost, you have to live in your home, so if the art evokes emotions that nourish you, such as relaxation or excitement, then it is worth having around you in the home.

Of course, many homeowners may live with family where tastes differ widely. Compromise is part of living with other people, so be prepared to move a little on what you like and don’t like. Above all else, everyone should be able to enjoy the adornments of your rooms.

Don’t Use Too Many Styles

There are hundreds of art styles. Achieving a balance in your home can be tricky but effective. You may love Art Deco, for example, but too many pieces of art from one style in a room can be over-powering.

Mixing things up and embracing different style can add vibrancy and color to a living space but be careful not to go overboard. Mixing too many styles can lead to a room that resembles a cluttered museum.

Shake Things Up

Homeowners without a particular interest in art often think certain pieces only fit with certain home types. People with a traditional wood-paneled room, for example, may believe traditional paintings with large, elegant frames would be an ideal fit. They would, but it is also worth considering contemporary art. Introducing modern photography into that traditional setting, for example, could create a striking visual contrast.

Don’t be afraid to go the other way too. If you live in a modern open plan space, why not use some more traditional pieces like classic sculptures and interesting mosaics.

When it comes to choosing art for your home, go with art that you love and that evokes the emotions you would like people to have in each area. Avoid the mistake of thinking that your art options are limited by the style of your home. Also, remember to add a variety of pieces that can be placed on walls, tables, or fireplace mantels. Art will help your home to come alive with character!

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