First Fridays


we party every month

Want to see the District in action? Join us on the First Friday of every month (excluding January) when all of our galleries and creative businesses are open to the public. Things kick off at 5:00pm with slightly varying hours depending on location. There's always something to do on First Friday at 40 West Arts including tons of artwork on display, beer & wine, light bites, live music and much much more. Join us.

And three times per year we host a Colfax Art Crawl (it's sort of like a First Friday on steroids). This year, we'll hold Art Walks on First Fridays in March, June and November. You'll see artwork and open spaces just like normal, but we also work to put immersive experiences, pop-up spaces and performance artists on display.

First Friday Details

Some months are bigger than others

In March, June, August, and October of 2019, our First Friday turns into a block party with surprise spectacle and a theme that unites the entire district. We have a name for these special First Friday’s, and that’s a COLFAX ART CRAWL.

20170602_40 West_5151_preview.jpg