2019 Artist 'Give Back' Residency

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2019 Artist ‘Give Back’ Residency



·       Submission of Interest Deadline: July 1, 2019

·       Six-month residency: July – December 2019 (approximate)

·       Free studio/gallery space throughout residency


40 West Arts District has always embraced the spirit of giving back. From its inception and to this day, its mission is to help energize Lakewood’s historic West Colfax community by creating and promoting community arts events and community arts spaces and by delivering arts-related experiences to a traditionally underserved area, focusing on families, youth, and senior populations. Through our 40 West Connects programming, we offer an array of free programs, activities, and events, all as part of our overall mission to bring energy and vitality to the West Colfax community.

The ‘Give Back’ residency takes that vision a step further. We invite an artist to apply for a six-month residency where they will receive a rent-free studio/gallery space located inside 40 West Gallery (in the heart of 40 West Arts District), marketing and promotion assistance, automatic visitorship via First Friday events, Colfax Art Crawls and other activities that take place in the district, and the ability to become an integral part of the 40 West Arts community.

In return, we ask that the residency artist ‘give back’ to our community in a form and manner that is authentic to his or her artistic pursuits. Examples could include painting a mural in the district, donating a sculpture or other public artwork to the district for our public art collection, working with the community to develop a new art installation along the 40 West ArtLine, hosting a series of classes for youth and/or seniors, planning and conducting a pop-up performance at one of our major events, or other ideas that align with the 40 West Arts mission.  


·       This ‘Give Back’ Artist in Residency is open to individuals age 21 or older who accept the responsibilities identified herein.

·        ‘Give Back’ residency artist will have access to a rent-free studio/gallery space (approximately 350 square feet) located inside the same building as 40 West Gallery and Benchmark Theatre. That means the Give Back artist will be in the very heart of the district with access to a consistent stream of visitors through both district, gallery, and theatre events. The studio space is secure, fully lockable, and accessible 24-hours a day.

·       ‘Give Back’ residency artist will interface regularly with 40 West district staff to include marketing, promotion, social media and other support and assistance.  

·       ‘Give Back’ residency artist will activate their space during First Friday opening receptions at the gallery through open studio hours, artist demos, artist talks or other related activities. This requirement is a win-win as hundreds of visitors attend First Friday openings, and this is an excellent opportunity to interface with our community.

·       ‘Give Back’ residency artist will receive full access to the artist/studio space during their tenure and may use the space at any time for artistic/creative purposes. Please note that usage and activities are subject to the approval of the district and cannot interfere with the operation of 40W Gallery or Benchmark Theatre

·       Give Back’ residency artist will benefit from being located in the heart of a vibrant, active arts district and receive additional support in furthering their goals and vision as an artist.


·       Submission Deadline: July 1, 2019

·       Send a single document with all information requested to submissions@40westarts.org with the subject heading: 2019 AIR Give Back

·       Please include:

o   A letter of interest stating why you wish to be considered for the Give Back’ Artist in Residency, what you’d bring to the position, and what you plan to work on during your residency tenure

o   A summary of your proposed ‘give back’ concept including information on what your areas of expertise/interest are, what you’d like to ‘give back’ to the community, and how you might execute on this (for example if you want to teach children’s classes, what classes would you teach)

o   Your resume

o   A sampling of your artist portfolio

o   A link to your website, Facebook page and/or Instagram account, if available.

2019-2020 Artist ‘Give Back’ Residency


Please ensure that the first page of your application contains all of the below information, in the below order. Thank you.
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