This is Not What It Seems: Abstracts & Other Works

James Overstreet, Descent into Madness

James Overstreet, Descent into Madness

So often the physical appearance of a work of art doesn’t fully convey the artist process, mediums, original vision or intent. We invite any work of art using any process where something about the final product isn’t ‘what it seems’. We welcome works where brushstroke, line and color are used to convey a vision, or works where scale, size or subject are distorted in some way. Write a few sentences to display alongside your work(s) so viewers understand your idea a little better.

Your work does not need to be abstract however, abstract works lend themselves well to this theme. Abstract art uses the concepts of form, color, motion, and line – as opposed to concrete shape – to create elements of feeling, emotion, pattern, expression, and vision. These elements are placed intentionally, and maintain a sense of balance and continuity throughout the piece, as determined by the artist. Abstract art holds a special place in the world of creativity, because it invites the viewer to translate and imagine.

The exposure for this event will be strong, to include our ongoing outreach and social media efforts - website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, other social networking sites, eNewsletter, postcards, artists’ networks, assorted city, chamber, and neighborhood association emails and more. We will seek additional exposure available to us as a State-Certified Creative District. This is terrific exposure for 40 West Gallery, and the artists featured in this show!

-Show Dates: July 5-27, 2019 
-Submission Deadline: Saturday May 18, 2019
-Notification Deadline: Week of May 27th, 2019
-Opening Reception Date: First Friday, July 5, 2019 from 6-9pm
-Gallery Open Hours: Wednesdays – Saturdays from 12-4pm and before Benchmark Theatre shows

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