Drawing the Line

Carolyn Berry, Dancing Blue Lines

Carolyn Berry, Dancing Blue Lines

Back for a second year, we invite artists to consider the shape, weight, length, movement and definition of the line, which forms the basis of so many things including works of art, architecture, nature and landscapes, DNA helixes, and so much more. How do you define, “Drawing the Line”?

A line is powerful. It divides positive and negative space, distinguishes one plane from another, and creates boundaries. It expresses length, direction, speed and movement. A single line can convey shape, form and structure. A line can be thick, thin, jagged or smooth. Variations in lines create width and density, and produce effects such as shade and toning. We invite artists to give us any interpretation on the concept of ‘drawing the line’. All mediums are welcome.

We invite line drawings, graphite works, ink and pen interpretations and watercolors marks, just to name a few. Additionally, we are interested in seeing works in their raw and early stage forms. Do you put together studies for a final work that will be complete in the future? These early concepts often have a power and energy to them that comes through in their line form. These are all ideas to reflect on, and we welcome other statements or ideas about drawing the line. This exhibit is highly open to interpretation and we welcome varied translations of this concept.

The exposure for this event will be strong, to include our ongoing outreach and social media efforts - website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, other social networking sites, eNewsletter, postcards, artists’ networks, assorted city, chamber, and neighborhood association emails and more. We will seek additional exposure available to us as a State-Certified Creative District. This is terrific exposure for 40 West Gallery, and the artists featured in this show!

-Submission Deadline: Saturday April 20, 2019
-Notification Deadline: Week of April 29th, 2019
-Opening Reception: First Friday, June 7, 2019 from 6-9pm
-Show Dates: June 7-29, 2019 
-Gallery Open Hours: Wednesdays – Saturdays from 12-4pm and before Benchmark Theatre shows