Meet Our Artist(s) in Residence

40 West Arts and Lakewood West Colfax Business Improvement District are thrilled to announce not one but two residency programs, both a year-long Artist in Residence who receives a free live/work space and a 'Give Back' residency with a few studio/gallery space located in the 40 West Gallery.

Thank you to Metro West Housing Solutions for your partnership and collaboration in supporting 40 West Arts and the Artist in Residence program.


Janelle is an artist and a teacher, returned home to Denver to share her almost decade long experience living and creating in other countries. My current body of work during my 40 West Residency will focus on the ancient textile art of felting, with techniques learned from my two year stay in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. Janelle also writes and maintains a blog space to keep up with her practice.

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Kate Scalf is a Denver-based painter, sculptor and photographer. Focusing mostly on the portrait, she often incorporates elements of nature and science in her work and process. Existing somewhere between contemporary realism and abstract expressionism, Scalf creates hauntingly beautiful portraits of women and people of color which often challenge traditional beauty standards and convey the range of powerful emotions we all feel and relate to. Scalf has exhibited work in Hawaii and Colorado, and her mural installations are featured in Downtown Denver’s Live@Jacks live music venue, Montbello’s McGlone Academy, and the 40 West ArtLine.

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